The Last Dance…for a bit

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  • When: 01/21/2023
  • QIC: Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: Sluggo•Goggins•Ladies Room•Circus Bear(FNG)•Dollar Bill• Powerball(r)•Inside Out(r)•Yard Sale(r)•Bada Boom(r)•Housekeeping(r)•High Pitch(r)

12 Pax including one FNG(circus bear) posted in the gloom for a last beatdown before the Q ventures off to the M’s mother’s home while the house gets redid.
This brought up all kinds of interesting inquiries from our local barrister and it also created quite a bit of laughter and mumble chatter.

Message: Stutz. Great documentary on Netflix. Especially for those of us who have family members in need of mental therapy or who are unfamiliar with mental therapy…
Three concepts of life:
1. You will always have pain. Also Biblical. (James 1:1-6)
2. There will always be uncertainty.
3. The work will never be done…

Shoulder stretches. 10 counts
Limp member OYO
the Don Quixote
The hillbilly
Air presses.
Flutter kicks
Mountain climbers
Spider-Man stretch
Toy soldier. Karaoke
Toy soldier. Karaoke

Indy 500
100 yard bear crawl
100 yard lunge
100 yard backwards run
100 yard Hallelujahs
100 yard backwards lunge

Width of field.
Lt Dan Taylor. 4 lunge. 1 burpee. 8 lunge 2 burpees.

15 merkins: 15 flutter kicks: 15 Freddy mercurial. Lap
Plus other exercises •15 and a lap

Usain Bolt’s. 15 top squat/15 lower squat/ 15 full squat… run a lap

Ciabatta with a Powerball exercise of clockwise Bearcrawls.
Prayers for Jaguar win and all the guys to be a light to someone today.
Always great to lead.
Welcome Circus Bear.

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