Badlands – Weak Link – 1-25-23

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  • When: 01/25/2023
  • QIC: Rawlings
  • The PAX: Full Monty (RR), Mulligan, Sofa, Baywatch, Shawshank (R), GNC, (FNG) Nanny, Airbags (R), The Breeze, Skid Mark

11 HIM met at Badlands including FNG Nanny. These men knew that our favorite gal Cindy was lurking in the gloom and they came anyway. The message, A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. If we just wait for that link to break, or worse just cut it off when it shows weakness we will only shorten our chain until we have nothing left. We have to forge up our weak links and make them stronger. As HIM it is difficult to talk about problems we are facing, or going through. If we don’t talk about what’s going on in our life, no one may even be able to tell we are at a weak point and we may just break. Lean into the HIM of F3 to continue to forge your link. We are stronger together.

Warmup – SSH IC, LBACF IC, LBACB IC, Inclined Merkins IC,  The Hillbilly IC, Michael Phelps IC, Declined Merkins IC, Limp Member OYO, DD OYO, The Valdez OYO, Flutter Kick with the block IC, Hello Dolly with the block IC,

Coupon Carry to the first parking lot stopping once for Goblet squats with the block.

The Thang – Failure Drill – Partner up. Each person has a block and lines up across from each other. The first exercise was the Man Maker until your partner fails (or can’t go on) Then mosey to bear crawl alley and toy soldier our way to the building. Air Chair for the 6. When the 6 was in 20 LBC, 10 Step-ups (5 each leg), 10 arm dips, Air Chair for the 6, mosey back to the blocks. Partner failure again. This time with 2 handed bent over rows. Mosey back to bear crawl alley, Karaoke left half way, Karaoke right the rest of the way, repeat LBC, Step-ups, and Arm-dips. Mosey back to the blocks. Volunteer Failure this time. One person volunteered, we did Bench Press until that volunteer failed. Mosey back to Bear Crawl Alley, Forward Step Squats half way and mosey on in. Repeat LBC, Step-ups, and Arm-dips. Mosey back to the blocks, Faster this time at 80%, Group Failure this time. At the blocks we did our last exercise the Kettle Block Swings. We continued until one person in the group had enough. Coupon carry back to the COT.

COR -11, NOR, FNG Naming – Welcome Nanny, Announcements, Prayer request, Prayer, Pledge

As HIM we can’t be afraid of failure. If we never fail that means we never push ourselves to our outermost limits. Look for the men that me be at a weak point in their life. Lean into them and forge them backup to their full strength. We are stronger together.

It’s always an honor to lead.


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