V-Day Anthill Catch Me If you Can

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  • When: 02/14/2023
  • QIC: Groundspeed
  • The PAX: Big Papi, Bowzer, Shrinkage, Airdrop, Zamboni, Bubble Wrap, Lego, Synapse, PUD, Bernie 4 Points, Brexit, Sweet Spot, Superfly, Big Bird, Gekko, Precious

17 Pax gathered in the gloom at Anthill this morning for a Valentine’s Day beatdown.

The Warmup: Broken Robot with little baby arm circles in, LBAC out, into the reacher, into Don Quixote. Polish off the warmup with SSHs.

The Thang: Run over to a nearby track field for a run around the track with 5 stops along the way
50 jump ropes
40 deadlifts with weight bands
30 dips
20 box cutters
10 pullups
and polish it off with a bleacher erkin-fest. Lean on bleacher 1, 1 erkin. Climb to bleacher 2, 2 erkins and so on until 10 on the 10th bleacher. (55 total per round)
4 rounds of this.

Then, the Valentine’s Day special event, a round of Catch-Me-If-You-Can. Pax couple up, first one drops for 10 LBCs while their partner runs backwards. Pax pops up and sprints down his partner and the partner drops for 10 LBCs while the sprinter now runs backwards. Pax on the ground count out loud so they’re obvious (noisy) obstacles in the gloom.

One full lap around the track and then head for home.

The Thought:During The Kraken last year, I saw a group of women running far too close in front of a moving car rolling at about 2mph. I was inspired by the thought that high blood pressure, heart disease, lethargy, obesity are chasing us at that slow, persistent, zombie-like pace. To the pax I said what I wanted to say to the runners. “You gotta run faster than that!” Every day, one day at a time, you have the opportunity to put distance between you and the effects of sad clown syndrome. You have chosen well today. Keep running.

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