Get after it Wednesday @ Pool Party

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Goggins, Outhouse, Bloomer, Felony, Blackout, Ladies Room, 3 Peat

Stretch, warm a Rama , toy soldier to mid field , 20 merkins , 20 shoulder taps , toy soldier to the goal 20 merkins 20 shoulder taps, sprint back.
Skip to mid field 20 squats, 20 curtsy squats , skip to goal 20 squats 20 curtsy squats, sprint back. Lung to midfield , 10 flutter kicks, 10 hello Dollie’s, 10 LBC,s. Lung to goal repeat at goal line, sprint back.
Mosey to the pool. 11’s in and out of the pool. Mountain climbers in the pool, dips at the top of the pool.
Off to the skate park. 20 step ups, 20 derkins, 20 dips 2 sets. Another round of something else .
Back to the COT . SSH, 5 burpees.

Prayers for all said and unsaid.

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