Be Prepared

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  • When: 2/23/23
  • The PAX: D-Day, Yuke, Jobu, Fracker, Box Fan, Left Turn, Leonidas, Maestro, Tuck

10 Pax convened at Hard Nocs on a beautiful Thursday morning.  QIC kicked off with a message about preparation after QICs neighbor was displaced from their home the previous night following a devastating fire.  It called to mind the need to be prepared for such emergencies as best you can because when disaster strikes, we are likely to be stunned and not thinking clearly.  Preparation helps alleviate this and mitigate damage – it can be the difference between life and death.  Keep important documents and valuables in a single, secure place you can retrieve them; keep multiple fire extinguishers in the house; ensure smoke detectors are working.  Simple, small measures can make a big difference.  Second message is to be compassionate when others are suffering.  Don’t be that guy with your phone out taking a video while your neighbor watches their home go up in flames.  It’s a shame this even needs to be said to grown adults.  All the more reason why HIMs must step up and lead in the community – with word and example.

Warm up with some stretching and the OOPS special shoulder burn: LBACs forward, then backward, Morroccan nightclubs, and Randys with no rest.

Mosey to the parking lot.  1st stop – 10 Merkins and 20 monkey humpers.  Mosey to next stop – 10 burpees, 20 air squats.  Mosey – stop for 10 derkins and 20 bobby hurleys.

Stop at the playground for 11s- Dips on the bench and diamond merkins.

Mosey to bridge and lunge walk across the bridge.  Mosey to pull up bar – max pull ups while pax plank until group completes.  Mosey back towards the flag.  2 more stops for sets of Merkins.  Sprint/hard run for the final leg to the flag.

Ab work at the flag – leg lifts on the QIC cadence, flutter kicks, big boys, and one more set of merkins for good measure.

Announcements – COT – prayer – pledge.

Always an honor to lead.

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