Crimson and suicides

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  • When: 03/04/2023
  • QIC: Crotchless
  • The PAX: Six mill, mello, dnr, Bartles & James, blue lights, roddy, woodshed

Eight pax showed up to get better this morning.  YHC originally had two separate beat downs planned but everybody crushed them and we were done by 7:35.  So, onward to some MSU for the rest of it. The good part of it was that all the pax kept moving and working hard throughout.

COP: All done IC. SSH x 15; LBAC both ways x 15 each, Cherry pickers x 15, Moroccan night club x 15, seal jacks x 10, Smurf jacks x 10, reacher and toy soldier x 10

Thang 1– The Crimson.  10 burpees, run 30 yards to playground, 10 pull ups.  Run back to starting spot and do 9 burpees, run to playground, 9 pull ups. So on and so forth until everyone reached 1 burpee and 1 pull up.

Thang 2– Suicide Multiplier.  100 yard field, running suicides in increments of 20 yards.
From goal line, run to the 20, then back to goal line. Do 2 squat thrusters.  Run to 40, then back to goal line. 4 Thrusters. 60 yard line, 8 Thrusters. 80 yard line, 16 Thrusters, far goal line, 32 thrusters

Thang 3– Crotchless’s ladder.  40 yard field. Start line, 2 merkins.  Run to 60, 4 merkins.  Run back to start line, 6 merkins….add two merkins until 20.

Thang 4– same format as Thang 3 but did monkey humpers, counting by 3, up to 30.


ended with Mary…Freddie Mercury IC x 20, Hello DollyIC x 15.


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