Poseidon Starfish – Post Patty, Pre Joey

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  • When: 03/18/2023
  • QIC: Zamboni
  • The PAX: Yard Sale, Inside Out, Goggins, Bobber, Home Alone, 3-peat, B for Burt, Felony

F3 5 Core Principles of F3: 1)Free 2)All Men 3)Held outdoors rain/shine 4) Peer led rotating fashion, with no training or certificate necessary. 5) Ends with a Circle of Trust.

SSH, M. Phelps, LB Arm Circles, Inch Worm/Merkins, Slow Squat, Abe Vigoda (Slow Windmill)

St. Patty’s Day Starfish
4 Groups – 5 Stations (4 corners & Middle)
RD1 – Run to each station, complete Rd 1 exercise, run back, 2 burpees
RD2 – Run to each station, complete Rd1 & Rd2 exercises, run back, 4 Burpees
RD3 – Run to each station, complete Rd1, Rd2 & Rd3, run back, 6 Burpees
RD4 – Run to each station, complete ALL Rounds exercises, run back, 8 Burpees

Bear Crawl Inch Worm
Pax Line Up head to foot, back goes to front, get across field then Crawl Bear back

Yoga Flow

Station 1 (Free)
Round 1 – Merkins x10
Round 2 – Add Carolina Dry Docks x10
Round 3 – Add Pull-ups x10
Round 4 – Add Mike Tyson Merkins x10

Station 2 (All Men)
Round 1 – Monkey Humpers x20
Round 2 – Add Wide Squats x20
Round 3 – Add Pickle Pointers x20 (Single Leg Option)
Round 4 – Add Jump Squats x20

Station 3 (Held Outside)
Round 1 – Shoulder Tap x15 (Count One Hand)
Round 2 – Add Mountain Climbers x15 (Count One Leg)
Round 3 – Add Peter Parkers x15 (Count One Leg)
Round 4 – Add Thrusters x15

Station 4 (Peer Led)
Round 1 – LBCs x25
Round 2 – Add American Hammers x25
Round 3 – Add Heels to Heaven x25
Round 4 – Add Superman x25

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