Doracides are fun!

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  • When: 3/20/23
  • QIC: Deuce
  • The PAX: D-day R, Leonidas, Oops, Gru R, Yard Sale R, R, Zamboni R, Bada Boom R, Bada Bing, Armstrong, Nametag R, Tuck, Toejam, Left Turn, 40,

14 Pax greeted YHC on a cold post spring break Monday morning, A quick message was offered  – to take time for yourself, borrowed from Daily Stoic podcast this morning. Ryan Holiday talked about the ability to have a Portable retreat, and not relying on the idea of only making time for yourself on vacations. Find time every day for solitude to better help yourself and others.

Warmup: 1 big parking lot lap, The reacher x10 IC, LM OYO, DD OYO, PP OYO, SSH x10 IC

The thang:

25 HR merkins, run 400m

25 jump squats, run 400m

25 BBS, run 400m

25 CWM, run 400 m

Partner up for doracides

1 partner exercises, 1 partner runs doracides, 1 burpee at first corner, 2 burpees at 2nd corner, 3 burpees at far curb, then switch.

Round 1 – 100 toe tap planks

Round 2 – 100 crunchy frogs

Round 3 – 100 Hello Dolly

Mosey to BB court

Finish with Knock-out Burpees. 15 pax entered, when knocked out perform 10 burpees, perform 5 additional burpees for each pax knocked out after you – I think Bada Bing began leading some exercises at this point. I swear the game was not rigged!



Heavy promotion of F3 on 3 basketball this Saturday, free Koozies were handed out in support of this, also Health Kids Running on Sunday, Apryle Showers 4/2.

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