Backblast – The Vet 4.13.21 Pre-Birthday Beatdown

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  • When: 04/13/23
  • QIC: Delete Delete
  • The PAX: Cheech, Loudmouth, Heist, Cad, Aquaman, Mr. Magoo, Drake, Botox

Since tomorrow is my 43rd birthday I treated the PAX in attendance to a playlist that included only songs that made the Billboard Top 100 list in 1980. I think everyone’s favorite tune was Escape (the Pina Colada song) since we actually did end up getting caught in the rain for part of the beatdown.

Warm Up
Michael Phelps, Hillbillies, and The Reacher, all done in cadence.

The Thang

We headed over to the nearby soccer field where we had four stations approximately 25 yards apart set up in a square. We did various exercises at each station and then rifle carried our Cindy to the next station. Again keeping in the theme of 43 most exercises consisted of 43 reps (burpees excluded)

    Round 1

10 Burpees
43 Apollo Ohnos
43 Cindy Squats
43 LBC’s

    Round 2

43 Cindy Curls
10 Burpees
43 Crunchy Frogs
43 Side Straddle Hops

    Round 3

43 Carolina Dry Docks
43 Bobby Hurleys
10 Burpees
43 Mountain Climbers

    Round 4

43 Shoulder Taps
43 Merkins
43 Hello Dollys
13 Burpees (to get to 43 total)

We had some time left over so we actually made it through another 1 1/2 rounds before heading back to the flag. By the end of the workout my board was completely erased from the rain so I may have the exercises out of order but I think I remembered them all.

Although this wasn’t my VQ this IS my V Backblast (if that’s a thing) so hopefully I don’t completely screw this up!

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