What’s a New Q to Do?

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  • When: 04/15/2023
  • QIC: Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: Roofie(FNG), O’fer(FNG ).Goggins •Felony• Bobber(r)•Bert(r)•Zamboni•r•House party •r Bada Boom•r Yard Sale•r Outhouse•r Housekeeping•r Bloomer• Sofa• Prunetang•r Ogie•r Dollar Bill•Powerball•r 3 Peat•rr•Grasshopper•

Having not been in the arena for a while, it felt like my first Q all over again…fired up…lotsa mumble chatter…
FNG’s(welcome O’fer and roofie, I think). Downrange pax Grasshopper!!!
Badland bois…what a treat!!!
21 in all on a beautiful Saturday morning at Sunshine park…as mentioned, the mumble chatter was loud and clear until we went to 21’s… but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Thought for the day:comes from the art of possibility. ;purpose , commitment. And vision are distinctions that radiate possibility…

Verse of the day:
Mission statement :
Our mission is to plant, serve, and grow small men’s workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership..
Be free of charge

Held outdoors. Rain or shine heat or cold
Open to all Men
Lead on a rotating basis
Ends with a circle of trust

Warm up: SSH•Michael Phelps• arm stretch• hillibillies. Air presses• DON Quixote• reacher•hello dolly •scissors-leg stretches• Spider-Man stretch• shoulder taps.
The thang:
Toy soldier. Mosey. 2x
Indian Run. 1 lap
Merkins/groiners. T bird merkins
Bat Flippers. Don’t cheat yourselves. Extra credit
Indian Run to the hoops court

Hoops court.
Side to side ..Squats and monkey humpers and flutter kicks each line
Mosey to tennis court.
Wall sit Guantanamo bay
Balls to the walls one minute
Indian run back to the field
5 50 yard sprints.
Zamboni stretch.
Prayers for everyone and 3 peat’s mom and Ian and Crotchless’s family…
Always great to be back amongst the lads…

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