A Beautiful Monday.

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  • When: 05/01/2023
  • QIC: Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: Goggins•Snaggle•Bloomer•Felony(r)•Outhouse(r)•Inside Out(r)•Powerball(r) • 3 Peat(rr)

There was no gloom at Sunshine Park this beautiful first day of May…62 degrees and just perfect weather.
Everyone else was at the convergence. Blackout Posted at Poseidon by himself on Saturday. And did a workout.. He got after it anyone. What do you do when you’re by yourself to improve?

Warm up. SSH:::Michael Phelps. Wonder bra. Air presses: big arm circles forward/backward. Limp member : reacher: Flutter kicks: Scissors: Spider-Man stretch. Downward dawg.

The Thang.
Toy soldier to the end line.

4 corners. 10 merkins each corner. Rinse and repeat. 20 flutter kicks in cadence:
Rinse and repeat 10 big boi sit ups. Rinse and repeat. 10
Box in one actually. Mosey/ lunge. Bear crawl.
Mosey to the playground. Felony took over. Pull ups. Dips. Superman’s
Tennis court. Balls to the walls. Air chair
Skate park. Usain Bolt
3 runs to finish.
always a pleasure to lead

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