Backblast – Bohica – 5/4/2023

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  • When: 05/04/2023
  • QIC: Bartles and Jaymes

May the fourth… Yeah, whatever. Let’s do hard things. At 5:15, I called out the mission and core principles, then we carried coupons to the center field.


LBAC F/R x10

Big arm circles F/R x10

Motivators from 9

Thang 1

Ten minute timer

1 squat thrust

2 blockees

3 curls

Repeat adding a rep to each exercise until time.

Thang 2

11s from light pole to light pole

1-10 coupon BBSU

Penny Pincher farmer carry (grab Cindy by the middle)

10-1 coupon gas pumpers

Thang 3 (didn’t make it to this one)

Set timer for 6MoM

1 Bonnie Blair (hard)

2 jungle Boi squats (two scoops!)

3 tuck jumps

As above, add one to each rep every cycle until time



10 maktar Peter parkers IC

10 Maktar mountain climbers in cadence

20 Flutter kicks IC

5 maktar E2Ks IC



Thanked everyone personally for what F3 has done for me. New exercises for a lot of the PAX today, so j challenged them to keep pushing for something new, for themselves, or their concentrica.



Motivators are clearly not done enough in Jacksonville.

Penny Pinchers were modified by most PAX almost immediately. Those are awesome for grip strength and grip endurance. Don’t give up so easily! The distance was too far, so it ate up too much time. Fix that in the future.

And the Ab-bomb-ination is mine. I switched to Flutter kicks for a break as many PAX were dying during the second round.

Need to post in the Bohica page for Cindy next time. Not everyone got the message.

But everyone kicked ass, and nobody stopped moving.

Thank you for your support


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