A Celebratory Day!

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  • When: 05/08/1958
  • QIC: Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: Goggins•Ladies Room• Felony•r•Outhouse•r•3 Peat•rr

A great group of HIM’s showed up to enjoy the beautiful morning at Sunshine Park.
65 was the theme of the day and the Pax managed to power through the workout.
65 years on the earth. Wow…
Romans 6:5
Matthew 6:5
Let’s have some fun this morning…

Warm up:
65 SSH…MP…ARM STRETCH…little baby arm circles. Forward /backwards
The reacher. Abe vigoda. Flutter kicks. Hello Dollie’s. Mountain climbers. Shoulder taps.

the thang
Width of field
6 burpees. 5 merkins.
6 big bois. 5 merkins
6 flutter kicks. 5 merkins
6 jump squats. 5 merkins
6 sumo squats. 5 merkins
6 skaters. 5 merkins
Rinse and repeat
5 merkins to get to 65 merkins

End line
6 bear crawls. 5 lunges. Length of field. Rinse and repeat
6 50 yard sprints. 5 merkins after each sprint
5 100 yard sprints.
COT BOM. prayers for 3 peats mom and one of Felony’s team members. Always a pleasure to lead.

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