Zamboni’s Dora

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  • When: 05/09/23
  • QIC: Zamboni
  • The PAX: Nature Boy, Mojito, Screwdriver, Bernie, Gekko, Groundspeed, Big Bird, Goober, Brexit, PNR, Air Drop, Hey Big Papi, Precious, Bubble Wrap, Sweet Spot, Bowser,

Anthill, Tuesday May 9, 2023

18 PAX endured the Zamboni Dora. Technically it is just a musical dora, with no counting – encouraging mumble-chatter.

Each Song was an Exercise, paired with run/lunge/bear-crawl.

Warmup – Merkin-Mix/Run – Zamboni/lunge – Blockby/run – Squat/bear-crawl – overhead-press/run – Flutter-kick/broad-jump – curls/run – Burpie/rifle-carry – Suicides/Humpers – Thrusters/run – v-ups/lunge – Merkins/Run.

Remember to mumble-talk with one another. Ask how others are doing and LISTEN. Reach out. Be a H-I-M.

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