Upper and Ab/Lower Doras

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  • When: 05/11/2023
  • QIC: Hey Big Papi
  • The PAX: Bowzer, PUD, Sweet Spot, Gekko, Screwdriver, Poquito, PNR, Bubble Wrap, Lego, Superfly, Zamboni, Precious, Groundspeed, Pyro, Seatdown, Snuffy, Big Bird, Matlock, Jumanji, Shock Treatment

21 PAX made a decision to post at BOHICA and they brought Cyndi.  Warm-up: A quick mosey (then Seatdown decided to show up), then reachers IC, monkey jumpers IC, HillBillys IC, Little Baby Arm circles forward and backward OYO, and tempo merkins.  Throw in 10 penalty burpees for Seatdown. Gekko did nothing.

The Thang:

Upper Dora with a Lap and 10 pull-ups after each exercise.

100 Merkins

200 Curls

300 Overhead Press

Ab/Lower Dora with a lap to the library wall and 10 Mike Tyson merkins after each exercise.

100 Squat to Cyndi Jumanji had terrible form on this

200 4 count flutter kicks

300 LBCs

YHC’s beat downs always end with a tribute to Warriors with a Cyndi low crawl

Message:  What will you do today to impact your legacy and be written in your obituary?

Prayers for Blockbuster, his M and boys!  We prayed for those who knew they should be there but weren’t.

That is all.

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