Time to be proud and graduate

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  • When: 05/20/2023
  • QIC: Roddy
  • The PAX: Feud, Animal, Mellow, DNR, Old Chub, Bartles and James, 6 Mill

Welcomed 8 Pax out to Asgard for a sunny morning beatdown.

We had 1 FNG (Tom) who was a hair late but was just at a different Thunderbolt, and since burpees were on the agenda we got right into the COP (Circle of Pain).

We did a warm up I had seen the local NJROTC complete

14 SSH (Side Straddle Hops)

16 LBAC (Forward and then Backward)

18 Wonder bras

They went and played basketball and dodgeball, we got in to our GRADUATE workout.

Grave Diggers

Apollo Ono

Decline Merkins

Upright Rows

a pause as I cannot spell

Traveling Burpees (long jump at the end of each)

Elbow Plank

The reps were based on 18 (age of most graduates), 23 for the year, and then 27 for the planned college graduation year.

After each round we ran a half mile.

All got through 2 rounds and were starting on the 3rd when time was called.

We gathered for COT when I talked about the speeches shared at the graduation about being proud of what had been accomplished in life inspite of the obstacles faced.  We need to continue to work toward our goals and be proud of getting there even if there are challenges and detours.

We did the pledge, then count and namearama.  We welcomed our newest member, Old Chub

Afterwards we had a Q school to help us all be better leaders.

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