Light show in the distance

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  • When: 05/22/2023
  • QIC: Heist
  • The PAX: FarahandFarah, Toxic, Heist

Started off observing an amazing light show courtesy of Mother Nature. Old guys were worried about the lightning, checked the radar on my phone, storm’s north of the airport boys. The beatdown is still a go! Afterall, Cindy wasn’t worried.

SSH, reacher, Don Quixote, Michael Phelps, Imperial Walkers

Work Out
60 Jump rope, 50 squats, 40 curls, 30 dips, 20 OH press, 10 decline merkins, run the big loop (1/4 mile-ish?).

Repeat, dropping reps by 10 each time, minimum of 10 reps.

Alarm went off at 6:02am to switch to Ab work. We had gone through about 5 rounds.

Abs: 10 set AMRAP 45 sec work, 30 sec rest.
BBSU, flutter kicks, LBCs, American Hammers, Birth Canals, Hello Dolly, Freddie Mercurys, box cutters, V-ups, Xfactors.

Back to the flag, Fallen on Memorial day, canned food drive continues.

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