BOHICA D Day Commemorative Beatdown

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  • When: 6/1/2023
  • QIC: Hey Big Papi
  • The PAX: 17 PAX. Bowzer, Bernie 4 Points, Matlock, Airdrop, Stinker, Groundspeed, Hey Boss, Sweet Spot, Poquito, Screwdriver, Snuffy, Big Bird, Danica, Sewer Pipe, Miss Daisy,

17 PAX decided to post in the gloom of BOHICA for a commemorative D Day beatdown.  This week, 79 years ago, allied fighters lead by USA, stormed the beaches at Normandy, on the French coast.  The will of America was tested.  The “greatest generation” stood tall as stalwarts of freedom.  The PAX’s will was to be tested this beautiful morning, albeit to a very small degree, comparatively. We learned the significance of the “D” in D Day, but only after several penalty burpees.  It seemed appropriate that this reflective beatdown focus on the D’s of the Triple DDD.  So a dora of 100 Diamonds, 200 Derkins and 300 Dips ensued with wheelbarrows, laps and 10 pull-ups mixed in for a break.

The second evolution was the ever-popular 6 pack, followed by the traditional low crawl.

The message:  If you don’t study and learn history, you are destined to repeat it…The good.  The bad.  The ugly.

Prayers for Bowzer’s M and the repose of the soul of his father-in-law.

The pledge, while at attention.

That is all.

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