HardNocs – Servant Leadership

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  • When: 06/03/2023
  • QIC: Rawlings
  • The PAX: Full Monty (RR), Valdez, Fracker (R), Wasted (R), Mr Smooth, Terminator, JOBU, Home Alone, Gizzard, Gravy, Recoil, Left Turn, Drainage, Name Tag, 40 (R)

16 PAX counting the QIC gathered in the gloom. The message was to talk about servant leadership. The goal was to incorporate it throughout the workout.

Servant leadership is a management style in which you focus on your team’s growth and well-being to put their needs first. The theory is that instead of employees serving the leader, the leader serves the employees.

This type of manager believes that when their team members feel personally and professionally fulfilled, they produce high-quality work more efficiently and productively. Employee satisfaction and collaboration are important concepts in servant leadership. You can use this leadership style in any type of business but it is particularly popular within nonprofit organizations.

Principles if a Servant Leader – Listening, Empathy, Healing, Self awareness, Persuasion, Conceptualization, Foresight, Stewardship, Commitment to growth, Building community
All this sounds an awful lot like what we in F3 strive to be in our homes, work, and community. I ask that you lean into these principles. It starts with yourself. We aren’t perfect. Work on yourself everyday to be your very best for those around you.

We warmed up in cadence around the circle for a bit before we group mosied to the fields. A group mosey is setting a pace no matter the speed that allows all PAX to stay together. We stopped along the way for some dealer choice. We helped Home Alone perfect his Cadence with SSH and got to hear some cadence from Gizzard and Gravy as well.

At the field cones were setup for four corners spread apart about 30’ diagonally from each cone was another cone 25 yards away. Each cone had a workout. While at the station each pax would perform the exercise while one member ran to the diagonal cone and performed one hand release Merkin. After all 4 PAX had gone to the cone they held air chair until all 4 stations were complete. Then Bear Crawl to the next station. I set the first exercises up as Merkins, Monkey Humpers, Flutter Kicks, and Big Boy Situps. After the first round it was up to each group to pick the exercise for their station that we would all have to do. They didn’t disappoint round 2 was Bobby Hurly, LBC, Burpees, and Freddy Mercury, Round 3 was a shoulder buster with Plank Jack, Shoulder Taps, Diamond Merkins, and Seal Jacks, Round 4 finished nicely with Squats, Lunges, Wide Merkins, and the Shinook.
we did an easy Guardian run back to the COT with passing the cones from front to back. Cones start at the front and get handed back. When the person at the back of they liner has therm get runs them to the front of the line. At COT are finished with a brief round if stretches.

COR 15, NOR, Announcements, Prayers, Pledge, Pic

Always an honor. SYITG

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