big papi at bohica

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  • When: 6/8/2023
  • QIC: Hey Big Papi
  • The PAX: Ground speed, Air Drop, Matlock, Sweet Spot, Whiff, Brexit, PNR, Jumanji, Lego, T-Ball, Short Horn, Big Bird, Miss Daisy, Gekko, and more…

18 PAX posted to BOHICA this beautiful morning. They endured the wrath of Cyndi…she was pissed cause nobody signed up to Q. SO we did the Mad at Me Manatee.

1. 20 Cyndi swings, curls and overhead press

2. 10 Pull ups

3. Bear crawl the BB court

4. 10 Mike Tyson Merkins

5. 20 BB sit ups in front of the library

6. 20 DDD Diamonds, Dips and Derwin’s

The message was: SIgn up to Q, ask for help if needed.

That is all.

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