Tour de Fort aka We Missed You Doink

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  • When: 06/10/2023
  • QIC: Heist
  • The PAX: Updraft, Tron, Eileen, Loudmouth, D-5, Not Doink

It was a hot hazy morning. We speculated it was from the fires in the Northeast. It was pretty quiet, thats when we realized Doink hadn’t shown up despite his supposed HC (I say ‘supposed’ because in all honesty I made that part up, lets keep that on the DL though).

Warm up

SSH, Imperial Walkers, Reacher, Don Quixote, Little Baby Arm Circles forwards… then backwards, Chinooks, Michael Phelps

The workout

This is a tour around the AO hitting all six pavilions.

Stowed our blocks in the usual pavilion, then moseyed to the basketball court where we did 10 penalty burpees since Doink didn’t show (in fairness it would have been 15 if he had showed).

Moseyed to the first pavilion, at The Fort we skew a bit on the older side as far as age demographics go. To honor that we did 40/50/60 reps of the exercises at each pavilion. Everyone loved this idea and the Q was rightly praised for his wisdom. Exercises at first pavilion were 40 merkins, 50 BBSU, 60 squats.

The next pavilion was very close, so we sprinted to it. 40 Carolina Dry Docks, 50 LBCs, 60 1 count lunges.

Indian run to the pavilion by the tennis courts. 40 decline merkins, 50 American Hammers, 60 1 count step ups. Tron was asking for something about pickles and balls, so the Q called an audible and we also did 10 each pickle pounders and proud pickles.

Long run back to the main pavilion, taking the scenic route between the two fields and around the back of the new turf field, so we could better admire the amazing alacrity of government work.

We finally met back up with Cindy. 40 dips, 50 curls, 60 rows.

Next pavilion is really close, bear crawl to it. 40 Incline merkins, 50 V-ups, 60 1 count fire hydrants.

Next pavilion is right next door! Inch worm to it. 20 Wide Merkins and 20 Diamond Merkins, 50 2 count flutter kicks, 60 1 count Apollo Onos.

Indian run back to the basketball courts. The Q used the position of the stars to determine the azimuth to the horizon and identified that Boondocks, and therefore Doink, was, “Over that way.” So we did 15 Monkey Humpers in cadence in Doinks general direction.

Everyone was quite crestfallen when the alarm went off signaling the end of the workout. All the Pax were saying how refreshed they felt!

Prayer requests for the Updtafts as they deal with the loss of a pet, prayers for Scholls and Heist as they travel, celebratory prayers for Eileen’s Mom’s (??) 80th birthday. Coffeteria at Maple Street.

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