K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid)

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  • When: 06/14/23
  • QIC: Delete Delete
  • The PAX: Bucket, Fifty Cent, Duggar, McFly

5 PAX gathered at Gauntlet this glorious morning for a simple but effective beatdown.


SSH, LBAC forward and reverse, Chinooks, Approximately 400M Indian run

Tha Thang

YHC had placed 6 cones in about 10 yard increments.

There were four exercises.  Mike Tysons, Cindy Curls, OH Press and Goblet Squats.  The PAX performed 20 reps of each exercise.  After the 20 reps of each exercise was completed we then ran a suicide in increasing increments.  So for the first round we did the 20 reps of each exercise and then ran to the first cone and back.  Next round 20 reps of each exercise and then run to fist cone and back and then second cone and back.  You get the point.

By the end we all understood how Mike Tyson got the chiseled physique he had back in the day.  We finished out the last 5 minutes with some rotating ab work.  Each PAX called out an exercise and rep count and we all complied.  Included BBSU, crunchy frogs, American hammers, flutter kicks and heels to heaven.


Thought of the day was to KISS.  So many times in life whether it is with our M, 2.0’s, work or whatever we tend to make things harder or more complex than they need to be.  Simple can be effective and in most cases easier to communicate.  Keep it simple so you can be flexible and efficient.

Count o rama

Name o rama

Announcements and Prayer Request – Keep Mr. Magoo’s M and Cheech in our prayers.

We closed with a prayer and the pledge.  Thanks for the opportunity to lead!

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