Some Themes are Better Than Others.

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  • When: 06/17/2023
  • QIC: Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: Goggins Fedex Bada Boom Yard Sale Powerball Tiny Hummer Dollar Bill Housekeeping Outhouse Bobber 3 Peat Zamboni High Pitch

It came from a pre Q Dolly…
“I like sweaty women.”
As the 6 women running approached the AO, they triggered the above thought…
Inappropriate. nah
Truthful. Yep.
Can’t mess up Silver Sneakers. They’ve seen it all.

Fourteen Pax Populated the pitch with good intentions of having a beatdown. Said beatdown was “postponed” by the incessant mumble chatter…nevertheless, the Q persevered.
Pro Tip. Don’t bring a crappy speaker to the Q…yield to High Pitch. He sings along better than anyone in the Pax.
STRETCHES///too many SSH’s///Hillbillies///Don Quixote/// Flutter kicks///
Hello Dolly///toy soldier.
We moseyed back and forth with a few exercises.
temporarily interrupted by technical difficulties. Speaker volume too low.
CIABATTA. 10 merkins every 20 seconds. 10 second rest. Crazy mumble chatter until round 5.
All do the dead people singing Paradise by The Dashboard Lights.
Mosey to playground.
Partner up
One partner runs. The other partner does SSH’s. Two laps.

Back to the turf:
Lazy Dora. 3 rounds merkins. LBC’s flutter kicks

Circle up:
Zamboni stretch to the finish.
prayers for McDreamy and the rest of the absent Pax..

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