An A.I. generated beatdown

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  • When: 06/22/2023
  • QIC: Crotchless
  • The PAX: Sasquatch, Six Mill (DR), Old Chub (R), DNR (R), Friendly Fire, Bartles & James, Crotchless

7 pax gathered in the rain this morning to get better and complete a HIIT circuit generated by Chat GPT.  Yes, YHC was curious to test the waters of an A.I. generated beatdown to see how effective it would be.  According to the rest of the pax, it sucked…I guess in a good way because we were all toast afterwards


SSH, high knees, butt kickers, toy soldiers, reachers, squats, lbac forward/backwards, chinooks, Moroccan nightclub-  all done IC, 10-20 count each.


A.I. Generated 3 separate circuit rounds, each with a different set of  5 exercises.  Each exercise performed for 1 minute each before moving to the next exercise. After Circuit 1 was complete, there was a one minute rest break before starting Cicuit 2.  Same thing goes heading into Circuit 3.  Rinse and repeat until time called.


Circuit 1
– Burpees: 1 minute
– Mountain climbers: 1 minute
– lunges: 1 minute
– Plank jacks: 1 minute
– Squat jumps: 1 minute

Rest for 1 minute

Circuit 2
– merkins: 1 minute
– Freddie Mercury: 1 minute
– Jump squats: 1 minute
– Plank hold: 1 minute
– Tricep dips (using a bench or step): 1 minute

Rest for 1 minute.

Circuit 3
– Bonnie Blairs : 1 minute
– American Hammers: 1 minute
– Diamond Merkins: 1 minute
– Peter Parker: 1 minute
– Flutter kicks: 1 minute

All in all, it was a very taxing beatdown.  YHC thought it lacked creativity, and that’s one of the reasons why coming out in the gloom to the beat downs is so great…you never know what creative “torture” the designated Q has put together.




Prayers for our brothers in the gloom, Feud on his mission trip, Gadot’s healing, the passengers and crew on the submarine list at sea, co-worker’s family member battling cancer.



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