Backblast – Chop Shop – 6/27/23

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  • When: 06/27/2023
  • QIC: Bartles and Jaymes

I needed to pick up a shirt from Tron, and I hadn’t been to Chop Shop in nearly a year. Might as well head over. What’s this? The Q is available? What better way to make sure I show up. Accountability!


SSH x15

LBAC x10

Big arm circles x10

Mountain climbers x15

Don Quixote x10

Reacher x10

The Thang

60 Blockees

Farmer Carry 25 meters, Alternating arms on the way back

50 coupon leg lifts

Farmer Carry

40 squat thrusters

Farmer Carry

30 cleans

Farmer Carry

20 merkin pull-throughs (the hard count)

Farmer Carry

10 Cindy BBSU

Farmer Carry

Farah and Farah was late, so I had everyone do sprints with two burpees at the end until we all. Got to our ten burpee penalty.

Al Gore for one minute, and done!


Standards. You have to have them to accelerate. I fell off my fitness standards when I hurt my hand and got sick, but I’m getting back into it. I challenged the PAX to declare a standard somewhere in their life, and ask for accountability in maintaining it.


My first Q since I injured myself. I wish I could have led more from the front, but it was a fun workout. Great group of HIMs, and I do love seeing everyone’s expressions when you open up with 60 Blockees. Thanks for supporting me and my crazy!

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