Badlands – Fartlek

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  • When: 06/27/2023
  • QIC: Rawlings
  • The PAX: Shawshank, The Mayor, The Worm, Shirley, Tiny Hummer, Green Machine, The Breeze, Airbags, Terminator, JOBU, Prunetang, Sofa, Inside Out, Hat Trick, Dollarbill

Big group of HIM met at Badlands for a Tuesday run. This is day 3 of the week of Rawlings. Vulnerability being the over all thought todays message was about lifting others up…or beating them down. I have had experience with working in an environment in the youth of my career for a guy that nothing was ever good enough, he believed if you continue to berate people it will build them up stronger. While I gained a lot from this man I also was drained mentally, emotionally, physically. My self confidence was shot and ultimately I knew I needed a change (With some encouragement from my M) on the other end of that I had an apprentice work for me for just a few days. I didn’t really remember this kid but my BIL ran into him later in life. He told him to tell me hello and to tell me how much of a positive impact I had on his life and his career. I didn’t even realize I affected this kid. All I am saying is that the way we treat others can ultimately affect their entire trajectory of their lives. Think about that while we go through life

the Thang – Run to the post. 1 mile warmup 2 miles Fartlek 1 minute fast paced, 1 minute easy pace etc. with a water break at The Post. Mile 4 was a recovery mile and we all finished on time.
COR, NOR, Announcements, Prayers, Pledge

Great turnout, fun morning, thanks for allowing me to lead



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