Another “1776” Beatdown……

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  • When: 07/08/23
  • QIC: Tron - (RR)
  • The PAX: Updraft (RR), Farah & Farah (RR), Sewer Pipe (R), Heist, D-Nice, Bruiser, Scarface

Continuing the Independence week theme, a different twist on the “1776” Beatdown.

The Fort AO was ready and waiting for us, as 8 pax posted, with Scarface returning after a six month absence and D-Nice making a first time visit to the friendly confines of The Fort, with completion of the new ball fields almost ready for action.

With no FNGs, a simple disclaimer was made, while warning the pax that this beatdown could be memorable, in either a good or bad way.  They seemed ready for what awaited them.

We moseyed to one of the new softball fields and did our warmup on the new artificial turf in the outfield, as follows:

Toy Soldiers IC

Chinooks IC

Don Quixotes IC

Seal Claps IC (in honor of D-5, who was an excused no-show)

Power Knees, 15 each leg OYO


“1776”, a 60 min AMRAP (or rather, the time remaining…), with each round as follows:

17 – Deadlifts combined w/ curl or power-clean (depending on Cindy or Sandbag)

76 – Air Squats (replacing with OH Claps on each subsequent round)

200m carry of a heavy thing (Cindy, sandy, plate, DB, ruck plate, etc)

200m run

200m carry (as above)

200m run

200m carry

(start new round…… a wild card, pax counted off and alternated throwing the 20 lb slamball for the 200m in lieu of one of their 200m carries)

Not sure how many rounds we did…..I think 4-5 rounds for each pax.  There was not a lot of mumblechatter, which could mean a lot of things, some not so good.  It was a sweatfest though, so YHC deemed it a rousing success.

We cut the AMRAP a little short, so it ran maybe 50 minutes, and we finished with a little bit of core work and running and then time was called.


Count-o-rama, Name-o-Rama, the usual.  I offered no “new” words of wisdom, but shared how meaningful F3 had become for me and how fragile the opportunity to post really is.  At an advanced age for YHC, there is a fine line from regularly posting, to falling off a cliff due to other occurrences and stresses that life throws at you.  That fine line is a challenge for every pax, regardless of age or how long they have been posting.  Embrace it, be thankful, and work hard to continue the habit.

We prayed it out, especially for traveling pax (Updraft today, Heist this coming week, and all pax over the balance of summer).  Pledge.  An honor and privilege to lead.

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