Happiness Is A Choice We Make…Don’t Worry, Be Happy

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  • When: 7-10-23
  • QIC: Zamboni
  • The PAX: Yard Sale. D-Day, Oops, Nametag, Spaghetti-Os, Solar, Recoil, 40, Jobu,

Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

SSH, Arm Circles, Pickle Pointers, G-Morning, Hillbillies

Mountain Climber Merkins
In candence 123-1, Down, 123-2, Down, etc.

Four 100s w/Stair Run
40-30-20-10 with stair run after each set…Squats, LBCs, Plank Leg Lifts, Lunge

SSH Burpees
5 SSH in Candence – 10 Burpees down to 1

Roll The Dice
One Pax rolls the dice, Picks one of the exercises for the pax while he runs to stop sign and back

Big Boy Hammers
1:4 Big Boys to Hammers up to 10 BBs

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