Fartsacking and Farting

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  • When: 07/21/2022
  • QIC: Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: Goggins Felony Outhouse High Pitch Three Peat

Sometimes the malaise of the summer envelops the Pax…vacations,heat,and too many parties…and fartsacking becomes a bit more than normal. But with the help and encouragement of the Pax, we keep soldiering on.
There was little movement of air except from Goggins rear end as we got after it.
The theme of the day: FINISH.

Pool stuff:
10 box jumps /10 derkins• 3
10 box jumps/ 10 cherkins
10 box jumps/ 10 T bird merkins
10 box jumps/ 10 diamond merkins
To the playground. Pax picks three exercises then we run a lap
To the field
Run to mid field: 10 bear crawls. Finish the run…10 1 legged lifts
Rinse and repeat.
prayers for leadership and reach out to the missing Pax. Remember to EH OTHER MEN
Always fun to lead

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