Prioritize Your Emotions

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  • When: 07/27/2023
  • QIC: Tron
  • The PAX: Extinguisher, Updraft, LIFO, Septum, D-Nice, Bruiser

Chop Shop was its typical gloomy self on a late July daybreak.  The usual suspects showed up, and with no FNG’s, we were off to the races.

WARMUP — The usual.  Michael Phelps, Don Quixotes, Toy Soldiers, SSH’s, Reacher, maybe a couple more.  We moseyed about 200m and then headed to the Pavillion for some pain action.

WORKOUT — YHC had a very scripted Cindy/Sandy workout planned, with a backup AMRAP to finish, but on the fly the Q decided to mix and match different segments of several recent workouts, mainly as a respite for the heavy work.  Late in the week as a double respecter can cause you to rethink your decisions for heavy pain.

The core of the workout was all Cindy/Sandy action….skull crushers, bench/floor press, OH press, bicep curls, and bentover rows.  I believe we did 6 rounds of those.  Mixed in between were a few rounds of lunges, flutter kicks, mountain climbers, and V-ups.  We threw in a run now and then.  We even added a short tabata session of around 10 minutes, consisting of strictly bodyweight exercises.  I think I remember some bear crawls were added for special effect.

All of this was built around a “buy-in” of 50 merkins and a “cash-out” of 50 merkins.  Updraft was quietly enthused about this addition to the schedule.  Apparently…..maybe….he really didn’t say.

COT reminded YHC that planning a Q can be time consuming and slightly worrisome.  In the end, such concern seems unnecessary and a waste of energy.  I reminded the pax that prioritizing the things that matter (your M, 2.0’s, your faith, work, etc) is at the core of who we are and should be, not how we script a silly workout.

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