A Bridge to Burpees

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  • When: 08/09/2023
  • QIC: DeleteDelete
  • The PAX: Fifty Cent, Lax, Duggar, Pinto, Ripper

Six pax gathered together today at Gauntlet to get in some bridge work.  I must say I really enjoy the Gauntlet AO, there are such a variety of options to use.  Between the baseball fields, soccer fields, various loops and of course the infamous pedestrian bridge you can develop many different types of beatdowns focusing on running, strength etc.

The warmup

It was a quick warmup today just to get stretched out.  Broken robot followed by Michael Phelps.

Tha Thang

We moseyed over to the bridge which is about 0.4 miles from the flag.  Once we got to the base of the bridge we got to work.

Round 1

25 SSH at the bottom (done every round)

Run up the bridge

25 merkins, then bear crawl over the span of the bridge, 25 BBSU on the other side

Run down the other side of the bridge

10 burpees at the bottom (done every round)

Run back up and perform the same excercises and back down the other side.  Once you get to the bottom (where you started) that completes round 1.

For each subsequent round the only thing that changed were the exercises at the top.

Round 2

25 CDD

Lunge Walk across bridge span

25 box cutters

Round 3

25 diamond merkins

Bear Crawl across bridge span

25 2 count X Factors

I had 6 total rounds planned out but time got the best of us.  All in all we totaled about 1.7 miles of running along with the exercises interspersed.

We headed back to the flag for count o rama and name or rama.  No announcements, prayer request for Fifty’s 2.0 headed off to Philly to start his career and all of the 2.0’s starting school this week.

My thought of the day was to practice patience.  In Genesis Abraham had to wait 25 years for God to fulfill his promise.  So many times it is easy for us to get frustrated and tired of waiting when we are praying to God about getting a promotion, new job, better finances, dealing with family matters etc.  I shared the example of coming to F3.  I have been coming a little over 1 year and there are still times when I feel like it is my first day.  But I know that as I keep coming out I am getting stronger and better each day I just have to have the patience and discipline to keep moving along the path God has laid out for me.

We ended with a prayer and the pledge.  Thank you men for the opportunity to lead.


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