Hallelujah !

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  • When: 08/11/2023
  • QIC: Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: Baby Ruth(FNG),Goggins, The Judge, Felony, Half Moon,Inside Out, Powerball, Outhouse, 3 peat , High Pitch,

Finally, I’m getting to grasp the concept of Goggins second book, Never Finished…the work, the workouts, and the learning never stops.
And everyone quits…Stutz calls it exoneration. “We think we’ve got it made…easy street.”
Not so today.
We didn’t have enough Cindy’s to do the planned workout, so we modified. And I believe the lads enjoyed it…
Welcome FNG Baby Ruth…

Thought of the day.God’s job is to really keep us in the struggle :::

Warm up. SSH…bunny hops…limp member. Reacher…Don Quixote. Hello Dolly…hip stretches.
Toy soldier. Skip back..
– [ ] Ab work

3. Yeah, OPWork abs.
1. Heels to heaven..45 seconds
4. Step through planks 45 seconds
5. X man crunch 12
6. Alternating thread the needle…10 each side
7. Alternating Jack knife. 45 seconds
8. Stationary bike crunch position knees at 90 degrees. 30 seconds
9. Train the oblique
Mosey to the Cindy’s
10 merkins
Farmer carry to 50. Run to the end line…lunge back to mid court . Farmer carry Cindy’s to end line. 10 big daddy sit ups 10 squats 10 shoulder taps
Farmers carry to 75 yd line. Sprint to end line. Bear crawl back to Cindy’s. Farmer carry to the end line
10 hand release merkins. 10 squats 10 overhead presses
Farmers Carey all the way.

“For Do not forget to do good and share with others. For with such sacrifices God is pleased…hebrews 13:16
Always a privilege to lead…
prayers for Left Turns dad. Macho man’s dad, the Hoey family , baby Ruth’s next chapter, 3 peats mom..and I forgot one but God knows. Amen.

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