Mobility Monday at The Frontier

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  • When: 08/14/2023
  • QIC: Saigon Sam
  • The PAX: Maestro, The Breeze, Ant-Man

YHC greeted by 3 Pax on yet another humid morning at The Frontier.  Let the Pax know today would be a recovery day and that we would use Monday’s for the upcoming months to do this.


  • Hillbilly 10IC
  • Reacher 10IC
  • Limp member 10IC
  • Willie Mays Hays OYO
  • Toy Soldier 10IC
  • Down dog, Valdez, Peter Parker

The Thang:

Josh Brolin – Mobility and Circuit Training

Josh Brolin’s ‘Deadpool 2’ Cable Workout – Josh Brolin’s Trainer Justin Lovato Shows Off Cable Workout

Side Lateral Shuffle

20 yards there and run back, 3 times.

Keeping your butt down and your chest tall, shuffle for 20 yards without crossing or knocking your feet together.

5 tempo squats after each trip

High Skip Jump

20 yards there and back, 3 times

Skip in a straight line for 20 yards, exploding off of one foot while driving your opposite knee into the air as high as possible.

5 tempo squats after each trip

Backpedal to Sprint

20 yards there and back, 3 times

Backpedal from an athletic stance with a slight forward lean. When you reach 20 yards, plant your foot to explode into a sprint back through the original starting line.

5 single leg deadlifts each leg after each trip

Foot Speed Drill

20 yards there and back, 3 times

Basically, you’re stepping forward using a diagonal shuffle, alternating between your left and right foot as an anchor through the center of your path.  On the way back do Defensive Shuffle.

10 curb merkins after each trip

Defensive Shuffle

Using the same form as the lateral shuffle, move diagonally in between a five yard space for 20 yards.


20 yards there and back, 3 times

Lunge forward for 20 yards, then return back to the original starting spot and repeat for three sets. Be mindful to land evenly on the foot, driving evenly to work the glutes and hamstring with every rep.

10 calf raises on curb after each trip.

Frog Jumps/Bounds ( we skipped these this time)

20 yards there and back, 3 times

Bend your knees to gather your weight, then jump forward, landing on both feet evenly. Explode with both legs and use the momentum to carry you into each successive jump. Perform the movement for 20 yards, return back to the start, then repeat for three rounds.

Leg strength circuit (modify reps up or down as needed):

  • Stepups 10 each leg
  • Decline merkins 10 reps
  • Side stepups 10 each leg
  • Dips 20 reps
  • Bulgarian split squats 10 each leg
  • Hand release merkins 15 reps
  • Close stance squats 10 reps
  • Diamond merkins 10 reps
  • Static lunge 10 each leg, followed by wall sit 30 sec

6 minutes of Mary ( no rest

  • Heels to Heaven 20IC
  • Step through plank (from low plank) 10 reps each side
  • X man crunch (similar to V-Up) 10 reps
  • Alternating thread the needle (from low plank) 10 reps each side
  • Alternating Jack knifes (crunch variation) 10 reps each side
  • Stationary bikes (crunch variation) 10 reps each side

U2 soundtrack throughout.  YHC talked about a concert that ended with Yahweh & 40 years ago and shared the clip.


Message was taken from Wild at Heart devotional on seeing God’s creation.  The intricate nature of everything around us.  Taking time this week to focus on God’s creations vs distracted by Man’s creations.

God Through All Creation | Wild at Heart

Announcements- F3B on Tuesday 8/15, 0830 at Plantation Beach club.

Prayers for Breeze relatives and for all of us as husbands and fathers to be patient and watch out for anger.  Asking for God’s help in these areas!  🙏

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