Time flies when you’re having fun

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  • When: 08/17/2023
  • QIC: Septum
  • The PAX: D-5, LIFO, Eileen, Bruiser

5 pax at Chop Shop this morning.

after warmups we took a mosey around the block stopping to do tempo workouts. Merkins, squats, Don Quixotes, big boys, X factors, Carolina dry docks.

we grabbed our blocks and gathered at the playground to try and tackle 11’s with blockees and pull-ups. We got about half way through and called an audible.

moseyed to the pavilion for a round of targeted workouts. Every table on the perimeter had a workout type. Abs, arms with Cindy, shoulders with Cindy, chest, legs and chest with Cindy.

Each pax picked a bench and we did a minute of jump rope while they thought of a workout that fit the target. We individually rolled a slightly deflated miniature beach ball into a chalk drawing of a bulls eye about 15 feet away. The center was 10 reps, the next ring 20, and the outside 30. We completed the reps for a full round.

moseyed back to playground to tackle more of the 11’s we didn’t finish before (still didn’t finish) mosey back to the pavilion and got through a half a round of the target workouts until time.

sometimes you can’t finish what you started but you end up better than when you started.

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