The most important decision you make is to be in a good mood follows action

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  • When: 9/2/23
  • QIC: Deuce
  • The PAX: D-day R, Airbags R , Armstrong, Green Machine, Yuke, Bada Bing, Mayday R, Bertha R, Oops, Betty, Dinky, Jobu, Mr. Smooth, Drainage, FNG Happy Trees, Brown, Maestro, Ant man, Special guests Saigon Sam and Slash - Respect IPC 0's!

YHC had the pleasure of leading 18 pax including 1 FNG and 1 DR on a beautiful Saturday morning. The message was based off of 2 quotes. First from Voltaire “The most important decision you make is to be in a good mood.” But how do you get in to a good mood? You can’t often think your way to a good mood. The second quote was heard on Rich Rolls podcast “Mood follows action.” You must act first before your mood can change. So this morning we would act first…

Warmup: SSH x10 IC, HillBilly x10 IC, MP x10 IC, LM OYO, The reacher x10 IC, DD stretch OYO, Valdez OYO, Childs pose OYO, 1 minute OYO

The thang:

Run 1 mile

Stairway Dora

partner up, run stair lap and perform 50 BBS, 100 heels 2 heaven, 200 hello dolly as a group

The longest plank – hold plank as long as possible, when done flutter kicks until last man finished, Oops beat out Mayday after 7 minutes!

Burpee EMOM, 1st minute 6 burpees, 2nd -7, 3rd – 8, 4th-9, 5th-10

Run 1 mile


Great work! Enjoy your Good Mood

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