Ode To Dagobah

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Well, this YHC enjoys leaving my mark at a new AO with a Cindy beatdown to be remembered by the Pax. Made my way down in the gloom to Q a beatdown in Gainesville,FL  with our brothers newest Saturday AO called Dagobah. 9 Pax accepted the challenge. We already have a Ode to Asgard and now we have Ode to Dagobah…


SSH x 15 mins

10 Burpees (penalty for lateness)

Reacher x 10

LBAC fwd/bckwrd x 10

Don Quixote x 10

Micheal Phelps x10

Right/Left leg stretch x 10 sec

The Thang:

Pax line up at baseline with Cindy. Cone setup 10 yds away. Pax will start 15 reps working down to 1 rep after each round

15 Burpee block jump overs, 25 Hand Release Merkins, 20 yd broad jumps(10 yds out<>back)

14 BB j/o, 25 Goblet squats, 20 yd broad jumps

13 BB j/o, 25 Leg raises (Homer to Marge), 20 yd broad jumps

12 BB j/o,50 Rows (25 each arm), 20 yd broads jumps

11 BB j/o, 25 Lunges, 20 yd broad jumps

10 BB j/o, 25 BBSU, 20 yd Rifle carry (10 yd fwd/back)

9 BB j/o, 25 Thrusters, 20 yd RC

8 BB j/o, 25 Curls, 20 yd RC

7 BB j/o, 25 Irkins on block, 20 yd RC

6, BBj/o, 25 Tricep dips, 20 yd RC

5 BB j/o, 25 Cindy Swings, Murder Bunnies 20 yd (10yd fwd/back)

4 BB j/o, 25 (1:1) Rocky Balboas, MB 20 yds 

3 BB j/o, 25 Low calf Raises(Grealish’s), MB 20 yds

2 BB j/o, 25 Monkey Humpers, MB 20 yds

1 BB j/o, 25 Man Maker Merkins, MB 20 yds

Circle up.



Named New FNG (Pixar)

Word of day: What it means to be part of  F3



100 % attendance at Coffeeteria where Feud taught Q School.

Blessed to help with launching these AO’s. Looking forward to seeing the growth and impact on the men of Gainesville.



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