Tour de Gauntlet

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  • When: 10/25/2023
  • QIC: Delete Delete
  • The PAX: Lax

Two pax beat the fartsack this morning for a Tour de Gauntlet.  The plan was to mosey around the various parts of the AO so we could keep moving and get to enjoy the options a beatdown at the Gauntlet can bring.

The Warmup was short and sweet and included mostly stretching; downward dog calf stretch and the resting squat which I have began to incorporate in most of my warmups.

We moseyed to the bridge where the tour started.  13 merkins at the bottom, 13 BBSU at the top, 13 SSH once you cross the overpass, 25 ankle touch squats at the bottom on the otherwise.  Back up for the remaining 12 SSH, BBSU and merkins at the bottom back where we started.

Having seen enough of that bridge we moseyed over to the soccer field for a round of 11’s.  Included were burpees and alternating lunges (1 lunge right leg, 1 lunge left leg = 1 rep).

After that we moseyed back toward the flag but kept going over to the baseball field concession area.  There we knocked out 25 step-ups, 25 dips, 25 mountain climbers, and 25 2 count flutter kicks.

We had about 3-5 minutes left so we finished with 5 minutes of Mary including, LBC’s, BBSU, box cutters, hello Dolly, V ups and X factors.

Back to the flag for an extremely quick COR and NOR.  Announcements included the upcoming bourbon/whiskey exchange and Christmas party.  We ended by taking a knee and praying for this world, our country, our community and our F3 brothers.  May we live our lives so that we can be a light to anyone we come in contact with. Aye!

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