Plyometric WOD

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  • When: 11/09/23
  • QIC: Extinguisher
  • The PAX: Lifo, Septum, Bruiser, D-5, D-Nice

6 Pax posted at the Chop Shop and left the Cindy’s and ropes in their vehicles. YHC decided to get the heart rates going by introducing a plyometric beatdown.


Hillbillies x 10

Don Quixote x 10

Reachers x 10

Willie Mayes Hayes x 10 sec hold L/R

Calf stretch

Raise the Roof x 10

Mosey to street sign and back to pavilion

The Thang:

45 seconds work 15 second rest x 2 Rounds w/ bonus exercises thrown in per Q discretion


Squat Jumps

Toe Touch Merkins

Side to Side Donkey Kicks

Mtn Climbers


Round II 

Tuck Jumps

Mike Tyson’s

Single Leg Jumps

Moving Merkins



Round III

Burpee to lunge jumps

Lateral jumps squats(Skiers)

Plank Jacks

Imperial Walkers

Makthar N Dyes


Round 4

Good Morning + double tap jumps

Squat X jumps

Hit the floor


Single leg deadlifts jumps

Bonus exercises mixed into rounds

Leg raises, Hello Dollies, HR Merkin with Plyo jump(Scared Spiders), Running man’s, Groiners




Announcements: Christmas party, Whiskey exchange

Message:Outcomes are important, but effort is more valuable.


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