Not a fun workout

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  • When: 11/14/23
  • The PAX: Eileen - R, Extinguisher - R, Updraft - DR, D-5, Bruiser, Septum

D-5 asked if this was going to be a fun workout.  No, not really.  Just a regular beatdown.



  • chinook
  • toy soldier
  • Michael Phelps
  • Don Quixote
  • hillbillies

The Thang:

This is the plan, then read on to see what we actually did.

Round 1

10 pullups at playground, lunge to pavilion, 10 step ups, bear crawl back to playground, 9 pullups,  back and forth etc. etc. until 1 pullup and 1 step up.

Round 2

10 swerkins at playground, back lunge to pavilion, 10 dips, imperial walk back to playground 9 swerkins, back and forth etc. until 1 swerkin and 1 dip.

Round 3

5 burpees at playground. 1 squat 4 lunge, 2 squat 4 lunge..keep on increasing squats and do not start over each time. 5 burpees at pavilion. Continue squat lunge back to playground (by this time it was around 12 squat 4 lunge) 4 burpeess, back and forth until 1 burpee and 1 burpee.

Due to time and wanting to try each round.

Round 1 only got to roughly 7:7

Round 2 only got to roughly 6:6

Round 3 only got to 4:4

Finally, 5 MOM

  • flutter kicks
  • lbc
  • ww1su
  • bbsu
  • plank

Naked Moleskin:

Prayers – Extinguiser – 2.0. Eileen – family. Septum – friend/coworker

Announcements – Christmas party, Trinity

You are not defined by one moment. There are many things you have done and there will be many things you will do!


Thank you for allowing me to lead. Aye!





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