Merkinfest Fall 2023

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  • When: 11/16/2023
  • QIC: Hey Big Papi
  • The PAX: Gekko, Bowzer, Precious, Pud, Sod, Bernie, Sweet, Shock Treatment, Poquito, Screwdriver, Saigon Sam, Outhouse, Papa Smurf, Hey Boss, Xenia, CO2, Jumanji, Whiff, Inside Out, TBall, Boucher, Groundspeed, P&R, Big Papi

They came from near and far…24 PAX most with Cyndis, made the journey to the festive, albeit wet, grounds of BOHICA for the semi-annual celebration of the medieval Merkinfest.

Warm-up:  A quick lap around the library and circle up on the field.  Some PAX were slower than others.  Monkey Humpers, Reachers, Hillbillies, LBAC forward and backwards (OYO), and penalty Blockees for Whiff pulling in late again.  Rifle carry, curls for the girls, and then…

The Thang: Partner up and Wheel Barrow medley…wheel barrow to the cone, 10 merkins, bear crawl, 10 merkins, run to the sidewalk, 10 Cyndi swings. Run back to the cone, 10 merkins, other partner wheel barrows, 10 merkins, bear crawl, 10 merkins.  (Hence the name, Merkinfest) This evolution was completed three times in an effort to see PAX improvement.  There was none.

Then came the threesome shuffle…the much beloved DDD of Diamonds, Dips and Derkins on one side, and birth canals, flutter kicks and V ups on the other, with running in between.   3 rounds of each.

We finished with curls for the girls and overhead press, followed by the traditional Cyndi low-crawl in honor of those that serve our great nation in harms way so that we have the many freedoms that we enjoy.  It should be noted that Gekko didn’t do much today.  Again.

Unfortunately, due to the excessive number of grievances, complaints and general bitching (it should be noted here that the Site Q, @Lego fartsacked) and lack of time, the traditional airing of grievances was postponed to a date TBD.

COT:  Think of somebody – family, work, church, anywhere – to EH.  We haven’t had an FNG in a while.  Prayers for Groundspeed, his 2.0 and parishioner.  The pledge.

That is all.


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