Frosty Dora

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  • When: 11/30/2023
  • QIC: Delete Delete
  • The PAX: Scholls, McFly, Cad, Loudmouth, Pinto, Culpepper, Drake, Popper

9 pax beat the fart sack and braved the frosty gloom this morning for a modified Dora beatdown.

The warm up – Don Quixote, Monkey Humpers, Resting Squat, The Hillbilly

We then grabbed our Cindy and moseyed over to the turf field to begin the real work.

Tha Thang

We partnered up for a modified Dora consisting of the following:

50 Burpees

100 Big Boy Situps

150 Hand release merkins

200 Ankle touch squats

250 X Factors

300 side straddle hops

While one partner did the exercise the other performed a 25 yard farmer carry with two cindies, dropped the cindies and moseyed back.  Then the other partner would mosey to the cindies and farmer carry them back, rinse and repeat until all exercises were completed.

Once we were all done it was time to head back to the flag for COR and NOR.  Announcements included many F2 opportunities coming up.  Boat Parade gathering at Fixit’s this Saturday, whiskey exchange on 12/9 and the Christmas Party on 12/16.  Make your donation to Trinity if you have not already done so.

Message of the day was to think about the difference between a student and a disciple.  Put into the context of school, in elementary, middle and high school  you are a student; you’re there because you have to be.  When you decide to go to college or trade school you start choosing what you are studying and you are there because you want to be.  In the context of our faith are we just being students who have to go to church because it’s Sunday and our M is making us go, or are we approaching our faith as disciples, learners, and someone who wants to be taught?  Being a HIM requires us to be disciples in many aspects of our life; our work; our fitness; our faith; our relationships.

We closed out with a prayer and the pledge.  Thank you men for the opportunity to lead!

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