Pearl Harbor Day Beatdown

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  • When: 12/7/2023
  • QIC: Hey Big Papi
  • The PAX: Shock Treatment, Bowzer, Gekko, Pud, Seatdown, Groundspeed, Whiff, Brexit, Poquito, Sewer Pipe, CO2, Jumanji, Toxic, Beetlejuice

15 Men posted at BOHICA this morning, bringing their Cyndi for a figure 8 workout, commemorating the pre- 8 AM attack on the US in Pearl Harbor.

Warm up:  Monkey Humpers, Reachers, and a history lesson (no extra charge) with punitive blockbees for missed answers.  If you don’t study and know history, you are destined to repeat it.

The Thang:  A figure 8 beatdown with 4 stations.  20 Reps each.

  1.  Cyndi Station – Cyndi Swings, Curls, Overhead press…run to next station.
  2. AB station – LBCs, V ups, back scratchers…run to next station.
  3. Leg station – Calf raises, Squats, and Mike Tyson Merkins – they’re good for your legs!…run to next station.
  4. Triple D station – Diamonds, Dips and Derkins…run to next station.

We wrapped up with a couple of sprints, rifle carry, more curls and overhead presses, and murder bunnies.  Then Jumaji opened his mouth about the winter solstice and the lack of pull-ups, so YHC called an audible to the pull-up bar.  The traditional Cyndi low crawl to honor those who serve in harm’s way protecting our freedoms.

COT:  It’s the time of year where the emphasis seems to be on buying gifts and presents, but perhaps the priority should be on being “present” for your family.  Put away the phone and turn off the tv, and be present!

That is all.


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