Go Through Adversity to Reach the Stars

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  • When: 12/8/2023
  • QIC: Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: Goggins Uncle Leo. Inside out. Tweedy Bird. Outhouse. All r 3 Peat. Double r

It had been a hot minute since my last venture onto the turf…message? Don’t need one…yes you do…
Like the old motto of the Royal Air Force, the Stoics believed that perseverance and determination were key. Per ardua ad astra–it reads–Through adversity to the stars.
And it was wonderful today…
The boys gave the Q a hard time. And the Q reciprocated with a nice little Q.

The usual. Per Goggins
“Nothing ever changes IO.”

The Thang
Part X
Corner of the turf; 5 Burpees
Diagonally lunge to opposite corner; 10 merkins… Bear crawl to opposite corner. 15 burpees. Lunge to opposite corner…20 merkins. Bearcrawl to corner. 25 flutter kicks in cadence…mosey to opposite corner…30 jump Squats…backwards lunge to corner. 35 flutter kicks..mosey to corner 40 jump squats. Backward lunge to corner

hallelujah Cindy’s.
Cindy overhead.
Length of field exercise at the end.
PRAYERS FOR Austin. Uncle Danny RC, Powerball and his mom and sister.Sluggo’s two buddies in rehab .
Always a pleasure to lead.

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