Kraken Prep

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  • When: 1/6/23
  • QIC: Deuce
  • The PAX: Frank the Tank, Sweet Child, Saigon Sam, Bada Bing, Yuke, Green Machine, Oops,

7 pax joined YHC on a perfect morning for Kraken prep, 20 mile winds and a driving rain to start and a finish with dry conditions and a plunge in the choppy Atlantic!

After Sweet Child and Frank the Tank joined me for a 3 mile mosey before the beatdown, 5 more pax arrived in time for the 7AM go time.

Warmup: SSH x10 IC, Merkins x10 IC, HillBilly x10 IC, MP x10 IC, The reacher x10 IC.

The thang:

11’s  – Begin on the shoreline with 1 BBS, bear crawl to the soft sand for 10 kraken burpees (3 HR merkins in the middle) run back and repeat until 11’s completed

Indian Run 11’s – Begin 1 mountain climber, Indian Run ~400 yards on the beach, 10 squats, Indian run back and repeat until 11’s completed

Partner up finish, alternate Iron Cross  begin at 1 each and switch, add 1 each round until 10 each, finish with a sprint into the Ocean

COT: Announcements  – Thanks for coming out in challenging conditions. Great way to start the day. Message – Look for ways to unite and bring people together, avoid dividing. It is easier to be against something but we should resist this and work to be for something. From the book Everything Belongs, Richard Rohr

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