Freed to Lead…

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  • When: 02/10/2024
  • QIC: Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: Honey Nut(FNG), Goggins, Jumanji, Dollar Bill, Outhouse(r),Inside Out(r),Zamboni (r),Powerball(r),Triple Bogey(r)Depends(rr),3 Peat(rr),Prunetang(r)Bobber(r)

A glorious morning greeted the Pax on the dew covered pitch at Poseidon. Warmer weather allowed the Pax to leave the warmth of their cars and enter into an early mumble chatter worthy of any Pax.
Zamboni posted early because he brought Just Friends(an FNG who is dating his 2.0)…so everyone was ready to go when the clock struck 7.

Warm up. Full dolly. Known as a capri run…
Limp member SSH reacher hillbilly air presses. Squats in cadence. Hello Dolly. Flutter kicks. Plank jacks my climbers. Spider-Man stretch.
Partner; goes in either direction. Wherever you meet 15 merkins…continue on. Wherever you meet 20 merkins…continue on. 25 merkins…continue on 30 merkins… when complete, plank at the circle…
Lunge 50 yards to the end line…
grab a Cindy.
Overhead carry for your partner. To mid court and back
…partner holds plank
Mid court and back
Partner does mt climbers
Mid court and back
Partner does merkins
Mosey to the playground. Each member of the pax calls out an exercise. 10 of something. After 3 sets, run a lap.
Long mosey back to the circle..
Bear crawls out and crawl bears back…
Name the FNG. Honey Nut. As in Honey Nut Cheerios!
Prayers for .yard sales family and all those on IR AND FARTSACKING.

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