Happy Leap Day

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  • When: 02/29/2024
  • QIC: Delete Delete
  • The PAX: Loudmouth, Popper, PanAm, Heist, Drake, Botox

7 pax took advantage of an extra day this year to get some work in.  We got started promptly at 0600 with the normal introduction and disclaimers.

The Warmup – SSH, Michael Phelps, The Reacher

We headed over by the woodshed for 366 reps to celebrate leap day.  The pax were not impressed with my first musical selection (Leap Day by Mark Humphreys) but there was not a lot of mumble chatter as we got right to work.

The Thang – 5 sets

18 OH/ Press

18 Cindy Swings

18 Curls

18 Goblet Squats

Once finished with the first set of reps the pax were to hold their Cindy in a rifle carry position until the six was finished.  When all were done we then completed 60 seconds of jump rope.  Rinse and repeat until all 5 sets are finished.

To get to 366 reps we had to add 6 burpees on the end.

The pax breezed through these 5 sets much faster than the Q anticipated, so it was time for a little MSU.  We took a lap around the pond and then spent a good 10 minutes with Mary(Cindy wasn’t too jealous).  Each pax had the opportunity to lead through 2 rounds of core work.

We headed back to the flag for COR and NOR.  Several announcements as we have a lot going on in Boondocks land.  New AO’s coming online and convergences planned, Zoom call on 3/7 for State of the Region.

We talked about faith and works.  It says in the Bible that faith without works is dead.  We talked about this in Q Source on Tuesday as well.  You can talk about doing something all you want but it takes action to actually make a difference and see progress. Way to take action this morning men, get out of the fartsack and show up to the beatdown!  Thank you for the opportunity to lead.

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