Grinding It Out

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  • When: 04/02/2024
  • QIC: Slash
  • The PAX: Respecters: D-Day, MayDay, Bada Boom. Those devoid of respect: Frank the Tank, Flo, Olive Oil, Spaceballs.

As a junior at the University of Florida – or as Flo fondly refers to the epicenter of the Gator Nation, “the Harvard of the South” – YHC was on the receiving end of some good advice from a creative writing instructor. When YHC asked the professor how many stories students were to write for the course, he replied, “Write when you have something to say.”

In the spirit of ‘not forcing it,’ YHC had nothing to say to the group – no inspirational (or hopefully inspirational) message, that is – so this was simply a grind-it-out type of morning, though certainly one replete with good effort and good mumble chatter, save for a disturbing conversation about the estimated length of the inseam of Bada Bing’s shorts that went on for a bit too long and was uncomfortably lacking in an appropriate amount of awkwardness. But all good!

Mostly stretching. Missed opportunity to have Flo step in and call cadence on some warm-up exercises. #regret

Would-be because time permitted completion of only nine of twelve planned partner exercises. Cinderblocks were in play. P1 does the first exercise over an out-and-back course totaling 30 yards in length, while P2 does the second exercise. Switch. Repeat 2x to 3x, depending on the capricious whim of the Q.

1. Lunge Walks / Big Boy Sit Ups
2. Jog to Mid Point, 10 Merkins, Jog Back / Squat Thrusts w/ Block
3. Bear Crawls / Monkey Humpers
4. Jog to Mid Point, 10 Merkins, Jog Back / Curls w/ Block
5. Squat Walks w/ Block (three steps, then two squats, repeat over course) / Leg Lifts
6. Lunge Walks w/ Block / High Planks
7. Overhead Carry w/ Block / Hover
8. Lunge Walks / Derkins with Feet on Block
9. Jog to Mid Point, 10 Merkins, Jog Back / Pullover w/ Block

Name-a-rama, announcements (Apryl Showers, Swamp Thing), prayer requests, and out.

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