Workout without Hope, Workout without Fear…

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  • When: 04/03/2024
  • QIC: Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: Reba Ladies Room Half moon. Inside out outhouse the judge all respecters Depends double respect

Stephen Pressfield is one of my favorite authors. His writings include The Legend of Baggar Vance and The War of Art…in his Writing Wednesday post today, he wrote of his meditation teacher who told him to:
“Sit without hope. Sit without fear.”
To me that means, from a Kentucky perspective, to just do it. Get the job down. Thinking can be a hinderance to working out, getting out of bed, and anything else that paralyzes you.
Ask your neighbor to F3…ask your coworker to F3. And if they say no, keep asking until they tell you to… in a nice way.
Old school today…went from bell to bell and did some running ..
Warm up: SSH/limp member/reacher. Hillbilly sky reachers LBAC f/b. Flutter kicks hip stretches toy soldiers width of field.
Bear crawl back

Partner up.
Run opposite. Where you meet up, 10 merkins. •5
Reconvene at the playground.
Sets of 3 exercises::: lap•3
Reconvene at the circle
Bearcrawl 10’s
10 out 10 big bois 10 back 10 big bois
20 out 20 big bois. 20 back 20 big bois
karaoke to the end line.
We did some exercises groiners
Karaoke back. Groiners
Toy soldiers. More exercises
Finish with this. Mosey to mid field. All you got. To the end •2
A little stretch at the end.
prayers for Kate, Noreen, and Sophie.
Always a pleasure to lead…

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