The Siege of The Post

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  • When: 4/17/2024
  • QIC: Oops
  • The PAX: Valdez, Bada Bing, Olive Oil

In the year 1519, Spanish Conquistador Hernan Cortes arrived with his army in the New World to take on the great and powerful Aztec Empire.  To illustrate to his men the importance of victory he ordered the ships they arrived on to be burned, leaving them two options: victory or death.  No retreat.  YHC stands before the Pax of The Post much like Cortes in 1519.  I too have burned the boats and will leave no option for retreat.

Merkins; Tempo Squats; Plank Jacks; Derkins

A brief stretch

Lap around the park

Lunge walk across the grass in front of the pull up bars, Bear crawl back across the grass, sprint across, and then sprint back again.

Hanging leg raises on the pull up bars

11s: 10 pull ups, run to the tables and do 1 dip; run back to pull up bars for 9 pull ups, run back to tables for 2 dips, etc.

10 more dips in cadence

Lap around the park

Flutter Kicks, Gas Pumpers, Box Cutters, Hello Dollies

30 step ups



Diamond Merkins

Michael Phelps and a few arm stretches


Commit.  Burn the Boats.


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