What’s Your Hard?

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  • When: 04/20/2024
  • QIC: Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: Dollar bill.Jumanji Outhouse. Inside Out. Bobber . The Judge. Respecters Depends. Double Respect

The Q was proud of himself this morning as he rode his moon bike 3.4 miles to the AO…soon to be shot down by Jumanji’s, “oh yeah, that’s real hard, riding a bike a couple of miles on a beautiful morning …” and he is correct… but everybody’s hard is different(insert joke, again )…whatever yours is, when you do hard things you get better…not sure we did a lot of hard things but there was a helluva lot of chatter about the Q’s inferior speakers and lack of control of the group.
However, we all increased our aMCC TODAY. Take a read and see:
Something different
Do hard stuff.anterior mid Cingular cortex
Pushing yourself—through exercise, new activities, or overcoming obstacles—activates the aMCC, making you more self-controlled and determined. The aMCC acts like a central hub, drawing on various cognitive functions to bolster your willpower when needed.
Warm up. All the usual stuff
Hops etc
Reacher. Spider man stretch.
Side planks to push up drill
Toy soldiers and merkins
Bear crawl Indian style to mid field
Mosey to the hoops court.
Lotsa lunges and merkins
Mosey to the playground
Pax picked 3 exercises and ran around the park.
Finally , moseyed to the circle.
A few minutes of stretching..
PRAYERS FOR DB’s kids and IO’s mental frame of mind…also for those guys not posting because of injury or otherwise.
Always a pleasure to lead.

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